Preventing Homelessness

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Did you know that it costs far less to keep families and individuals in their homes than to find them new homes once they’re homeless?

We often work with landlords and tenants, helping them find mutually agreeable resolution to conflicts, so people can stay in their homes. 

When our clients are struggling to pay their rent, we offer them short-term rent assistance, so they do not get too far behind. 

When a housing situation cannot be bettered, we help relocate clients to new, better housing.

If possible, when people already have housing, our number one goal is to keep them housed and make sure they never end up on the streets or in shelter.

Yet, sometimes people have already ended up on the streets or in shelter.

In those cases, we work to move these individuals and families to appropriate, stable housing as soon as possible.  Once they are there, we help them get on their feet, so that they can maintain that housing.  We also address situations in which homelessness is coupled with mental illness and offer housing counseling to participants in Milwaukee Women's Center programming.

Being homeless is an experience no person or family should ever have to have.  We work every day to make homelessness in Milwaukee a thing of the past.

See for Yourself

Homelessness has many faces.  There is no one "story" of homelessness.  There are many reasons people lose access to their housing.

Here are just two of those stories.

Meet Eloise. She had hit rock bottom. Because of cancer, she lost everything. She turned to drugs for comfort.

Watch this video to find out what happened next.


Bob was homeless for many years.  His favorite sleeping spot was downtown, near the court house, where a vent in the sidewalk provided some warmth.

Watch this video to find out how he found a sleeping spot with four walls and a roof, and to see how being homeless affected him as a person.


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