Preventing Homelessness

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Keeping Families in their Homes

If you don't have a safe, stable home, it's difficult to do so many things in life, such as hold down a steady job, pay your bills, receive mail, eat nutritious food, or make sure that your kids show up to school every day and can concentrate in the classroom. 

That's why Community Advocates strives to prevent individuals and families from losing their homes and becoming homeless. We know it's far better for everyone if families can stay in their homes, even if they need some support to do so.

We provide a variety of comprehensive services and support to help individuals and families keep a safe home, whether they are renting, need repairs done, have difficulty coming up with enough money to cover their utility bills or security deposit, are struggling with mental health issues, or are leaving a violent relationship. We call this our Housing Continuum of Care, which encompasses one-time or short-term help as well as long-lasting support to keep adults and families in their home.

  • Our Housing Department can help renters needing repairs, help families at risk of becoming homeless, develop a payment plan for a security deposit, mediate conflicts with landlords, and much more. 
  • Our Utility Assistance Program can help low-income residents cover some of their heating costs during the cold months, get emergency repairs for their furnace, provide crisis energy assistance, and much more.
  • Our Behavioral Health Staff provides services for those living with a chronic mental health issue and are experiencing homelessness.
  • The Milwaukee Women's Center provides emergency shelter for women and families fleeing violence in the home or are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. The staff also offering housing counseling for shelter residents who need a new, permanent home.

Being homeless is an experience no person or family should ever have to experience. Community Advocates works every day to make homelessness in Milwaukee a thing of the past.

See for Yourself

Homelessness has many faces. There is no one "story" of homelessness. There are many reasons people lose access to their housing.

Here are just two of those stories.

Meet Eloise. She had hit rock bottom. Because of cancer, she lost everything. She turned to drugs for comfort.

Watch this video to find out what happened next.


Bob was homeless for many years. His favorite sleeping spot was downtown, near the courthouse, where a vent in the sidewalk provided some warmth.

Watch this video to find out how he found a sleeping spot with four walls and a roof, and to see how being homeless affected him as a person.


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