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Nevermore Batterers Treatment

Milwaukee Women's Center Nevermore Batterers Treatment

Nevermore Batterers Treatment

Nevermore Batterers Treatment is an educational, support group-based program aiming to help male batterers understand and take responsibility for their violent behavior. Nevermore provides tools and knowledge, to change abusive and controlling behaviors and to prevent domestic violence in intimate partner and/or family relationships. In 2023, 251 men participated in the Nevermore Batterer’s prevention and intervention program to break the cycle of intergenerational violence.

Dealing with the Complexities of Domestic Violence

Nevermore program staff recognizes that some victims may return to their abusers, or abusers will enter into new intimate partner relationships. Victims and abusers may also have children in common.

To increase victim safety, decrease victim deaths, and reduce the number of domestic violence incidents, as well as the re-offender rate, Nevermore provides comprehensive education to individuals who have a history of, or are concerned about, being physically, sexually, emotionally, and/or verbally abusive toward their intimate partners / family members.

Upon program completion, participants better understand the severity of their actions, the devastating effects of domestic violence on their loved ones, and how to choose and use non-abusive alternatives in their relationships.


How Nevermore Works

Following intake, participants are assigned to a group which has rolling admission; is offered during the day, evening, and weekend hours; and has a capacity of ten people.

The program’s curriculum is delivered by trained / certified facilitators over a mandatory minimum of 24 two-hour sessions focusing on four significant areas:

1) education and awareness regarding the dynamics of domestic violence;
2) healing and rehabilitation;
3) non-violent communication / conflict resolution skills; and
4) development of an abuse prevention plan.

Facilitators monitor each participant, and clients who do not display increased knowledge, acceptance that the abuse was their fault, and/or who lack positive changes in attitudes and behaviors are required to participate in additional sessions, typically between six to ten more. The program also provides a 24-Hour Crisis Line and individual sessions for participants.

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Our Philosophy

Nevermore recognizes the following belief statements:

• The primary goal of treatment is to stop further violence, in any form.

• The rights of the victim should be respected, and safety should always be the primary priority.  The individual differences and rights of the perpetrator should also be respected.

• Violence can never be accepted under any circumstance.  All behaviors, whether intentional or unintentional, have consequences and are the responsibility of the perpetrator.

• Abuse is often the result of unequal levels of power in intimate relationships.

• Perpetrators use violence to exert control, to deal with personal stress, and to keep people away.  Victims remain in these relationships for a variety of reasons, including emotional and financial dependency, family pressures, and fear.

• Significant stress from failing relationships, employment tension, and child rearing may influence a person’s overall disposition.  The stress does not cause the violence, but it does contribute to the possibility of violence.

• While substance addiction and mental health issues are not the cause of domestic violence, they often play a role in the health and rational thinking of an individual. 

For more information or to make a referral to Nevermore, please call (414) 828-5190.

Join the Nevermore Support Network

Over the years we’ve seen remarkable successes with the Nevermore men. Many of them say that the Nevermore program allowed them to openly examine their personal hopes, history, and challenges for the first time in their lives. One Nevermore graduate told us, “I came in as a follower and I left as a leader.” A young man told us last fall that “I started learning a lot of things about myself and my family, and hurts and pains and trauma that happened in the past that have been affecting me in the present and are hindering my future.” Another said, “You guys always walked with me and supported me.”

The Nevermore staff walk with and support these men every day. But they can’t do it alone.

We’re asking our community members to join the Nevermore Support Network and help these men to break the cycle of violence. Click here to learn more. Thank you!