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Emergency Shelter

Milwaukee Women's Center A Division of Community Advocates

A Lifeline and Safe Haven

The primary purpose of the Milwaukee Women's Center's Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter is to serve as a lifeline and safe haven, to provide victims with resources for escape and protection from violence in their lives.

The Milwaukee Women’s Center’s Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter is dedicated to providing around-the-clock shelter and supportive services to women and children fleeing abusive relationships. 

In 2023, the Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter provided life-saving services to 297 women and children, while the 24-Hour Crisis Line (414-671-6140) assisted more than 775 callers with safety planning, crisis intervention, and/or referrals to other community resources each year.

Shelter Services

Shelter services include the following:

• Emergency transportation to our shelter for battered women and children
• Safe, confidential housing for battered women and children
• A 24-Hour Crisis Line (414-671-6140)
• Food, clothing, and personal items
• Case Management to meet medical, legal, employment, income, and other basic needs
• Housing services including rent/security deposit assistance, housing searches and inspections, and tenant/landlord advocacy and mediation
• Counseling and support groups to address domestic violence, addiction, and healthy parenting
• A Children’s Program aiming to increase children’s awareness and prevent the cycle of family violence, and to increase children’s safety planning and self-esteem
• Specialized services for older women confronting abuse at the hands of their spouses or adult sons / daughters
• Mental Health Treatment (trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression)
• Aftercare services for up to one year after women and children leave the shelter

If you or someone you know is fleeing abuse and is in need of Emergency Shelter, please call our 24-Hour Crisis Line at (414) 671-6140.