Family Violence

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Breaking the Cycle of Family Violence

The Milwaukee Women's Center aims to break the cycle of violence so that partners and families can live in peace. We provide comprehensive services for women victimized by an intimate partner or close relative, from staffing a 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline (414-671-6140) to providing a secure Emergency Shelter for women and their minor children. One the immediate crisis is resolved, we offer supportive services to ensure that women, men, and children involved in domestic violence can live free of abuse in the long term.

To contact the Milwaukee Women's Center to schedule an appointment, get information, or to speak to a crisis advocate staffing our 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline, call 414-671-6140.

Frequently Asked Questions about Services for Domestic Violence Survivors

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Q:  Do I need a restraining order once I’m in shelter?

Q:  How long can I stay in shelter?

Q:  Will I be able to select my own rental properties?

Q:  If I have other children that did not come into shelter with me at first, can they come in at a later time?

Q:  Do you have space for older women with no children?

Q:  Is there a fee to join support groups?

Q:  Do you provide transportation?

Q:  Do I need a police report in order to come into the shelter?


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