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Community Advocates serves 65,000 vulnerable Milwaukee residents a year. Learn how these individuals achieved success.

Milwaukee Community Journal Highlights Community Advocates CEO Andi Elliott

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We're grateful to be recognized in the "Diamonds and Discoveries" section of the Milwaukee Community Journal on December 7. Community Advocates CEO Andi Elliott discussed her career journey from student intern at UWM School of Social Work to CEO of the organization. 

“I thought I’d be at Community Advocates for two to three years, but I found the work so rewarding that I stayed. My tenure here has fulfilled my need and desire to serve,” Elliott told reporter Kathy Gaillard.

Elliott provided an overview of the organization, which provides services and advocacy for those dealing with housing instability, homelessness, behavioral health issues, domestic violence, protective payee help, IDAP help, positive youth development, and much more.

“Too often, people who need services the most don’t know where to go. We want to get the word out that help is available, whether it is housing, or energy and food assistance. I’m happy to say that we stay really grounded in our mission – serving people in a dignified way," Elliott said.

If you need help, please contact us at this link, or call 414-449-4777.