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Meet Nina: On a Path with Purpose

nina mwc success story

Today Nina is on a path with purpose and has a positive outlook for her future. Not long ago she and her two teenage children, who have some medical issues, were referred to the Milwaukee Women’s Center  Emergency Shelter. Nina no longer had stable housing, she was trying to address her children’s medical concerns and their school attendance, and she was unemployed. She was in crisis… overwhelmed and at a point where everything was important, everything was a priority, and she didn’t know where to start. She needed help.

This was Nina’s state of mind when she arrived at the Milwaukee Women’s Center Emergency Shelter. Very quickly she found out how helpful and supportive the staff was in working with her on her children’s medical conditions and connecting her with job leads. The staff helped her focus on the priorities, a step at a time.

Nina shared, “When you’re in a situation where everything is a priority, you need to prioritize the priorities. Make a list. What is the main thing that needs to be addressed? Start with one piece of the puzzle and take baby steps to solve that issue or accomplish that goal.”

With the support and resources at the Milwaukee Women’s Center, she began to see a way forward.

One thing that Nina has learned is that it is important to ask for help and not be embarrassed by your situation. She said that when she finally acknowledged her experiences and accepted that she needed assistance to find a better path for herself and her children, she was open to receiving the supports and opportunities that were available. “When you embrace your life situation, and begin to ask yourself ‘What can I do now? How can I present my best self?’ things start falling into place,” she said.

Nina is grateful for the kindness, support, and encouragement that the staff of the Milwaukee Women’s Center has provided as she continues her journey toward self-sufficiency. She is inspired by the full range of services that are available, including shelter, access to doctors, mental health and special needs support, rent assistance, heat and water bills, and employment resources. In fact, she recently got not one job offer, but two, and said ‘yes’ to both – which gives her a big step forward toward independence. Nina’s circle of support also includes her older daughter, who has committed to helping her mom with transportation to her jobs. Nina said she “feels fantastic” and attributes that to the future she can envision because of the support she has received through the Milwaukee Women’s Center.

As she looks to the future, Nina shared a beautiful inspiration about her experience with the Milwaukee Women’s Center. She said, “One person is a world, and when you help that person, you change the world.”

The Milwaukee Women’s Center is changing the world, one person at a time… every day.