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1 Thing You Can Do to Support Survivors in October

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. While we honor and support domestic survivors every day of the year, Community Advocates’ Milwaukee Women’s Center encourages everyone to participate in the Domestic Violence Awareness Project’s campaign to do “1 Thing” to support survivors in October.

The Milwaukee Women’s Center provides emergency shelter and supportive services to adult and child survivors of domestic violence. Last year, 1,939 individuals received services and support through the Milwaukee Women’s Center, ranging from emergency shelter to targeted programming for adult and child survivors, older abuse survivors, men with a history of abuse, and individuals and families struggling with substance abuse.

“Although many more people are becoming aware of the existence and impact of domestic violence, to truly put an end to the cycle of violence we need to act on that awareness,” said Community Advocates CEO Andi Elliott. “That’s why we are encouraging everyone to do 1 Thing in October to show your support for survivors. Each one of us can play a part in ending the cycle of abuse and restoring hope.”

Please pledge to do 1 Thing this month to support domestic violence survivors. Some ideas for you:

  • Learn the eight ways you can support a survivor of intimate partner violence or domestic violence. RAINN has compiled eight steps that allies can take when a friend or loved one discloses that they have been involved in an abusive relationship. Step #1: Believe them.


  • Keep the Milwaukee Women’s Center’s 24-hour Domestic Violence hotline number (414-671-6140) with you at all times. “Our staff and carefully trained volunteers will answer your call any time of the day or night,” said Madelene Amos, the MWC shelter’s manager. “We can answer your questions about your relationship concerns, housing, legal issues, food insecurity, or substance abuse.” We are just a phone call away at 414-671-6140.


  • Support older survivors of abuse. The Milwaukee Women’s Center’s Older Abused Women’s Program uniquely targets the specific needs of survivors of abuse over the age of 50. This is a community-based program (participants do not have to reside in our shelter) and no case is ever closed, meaning we will help survivors as long as they need us. If you are a 50+ woman who has survived physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse by your intimate partner or adult child, please contact Myrtle at 414-221-0152 to learn more about the program.


  • Address the needs of men. The Milwaukee Women’s Center’s Nevermore Batterers Treatment Program helps men with a history of abusive behavior take responsibility for their actions. Through group and individualized programming, Nevermore helps to break the cycle of violence by enabling men to understand their motivations, learn nonviolent behavior, and repair relationships. Questions? Contact Steve at 414-828-5190.


  • Send a care package. The generous members of the Nancy Jo Baratti Unit of Mary Kay is seeking partners to sponsor care packages for a local family services center, and receive a Mary Kay gift certificate of equal value in return. The Nancy Jo Baratti Unit will donate a care package to the Milwaukee Women's Center for each $30 sponsorship received. The packages contain personal care items, an ongoing need for the residents living at the center's emergency shelter. Package sponsors will receive a $30 Mary Kay credit that can be used in the next 12 months. Sponsors do not have to be Mary Kay customers.


  • Purchase items on the Milwaukee Women’s Center’s wish list on Amazon. The shelter is in constant need of bedding, towels, pillows, and other necessities, since we like to gift residents with new supplies when they come into the shelter and allow them to take those items with them when they resettle on their own. We’ve picked out the basic items on Amazon that survivors and their children need as they restart their lives. They can be sent directly to the shelter. Please help them set up a new, safe home.


  • Cook dinner for our Milwaukee Women’s Center’s residents. “A bright spot in our residents’ day is sitting down to a healthy dinner,” said Jeri Kavanaugh. “We are always grateful for the volunteers who come in to cook dinner, meet our residents, and learn about our programs and services.” The center is equipped with a commercial-style kitchen and an outdoor grill that can be used to make dinner any night of the week. If you would like to cook dinner (ideally an entree, salad or vegetable, and optional dessert) for an estimated 20 adults and 30 children, please contact Jeri at 414-270-2984 or Individuals and small groups are welcome.



  • Donate to the Milwaukee Women’s Center. There’s never enough resource to provide services for survivors of domestic violence. Please give what you can to help survivors begin a new life free of violence. Thank you!