People Needing Substance Addiction Treatment

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Many of Community Advocates’ programs offer help with substance addiction.

So many times, when people are struggling, addictions to drugs and/or alcohol are at the root of their problems. Addictions prevent them from fully living their lives and being the productive members of society they would like to be. Recognizing this, we address the addictions while we address the rest of their life issues. 

Even more, we help make this addiction treatment as readily available as possible. Our Public Policy Institute has worked to pass mental health parity legislation, making addiction and mental health treatment as accessible to people as physical healthcare.

This reality will make full health – body, mind, and spirit – a possibility for more individuals in our community. Our work on both the individual and systemic level is making a difference for people in our community.

Click here for more information on the Milwaukee Women's Center's addiction treatment services.

See for Yourself

Shaunte had made her mother a promise on her death bed: that she would stop using drugs and become clean.  She struggled for years to keep her promise.  With our help, she is now proudly living the life her mother wanted for her. 

Watch her tell her story here.

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