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No-Cost Treatment for Substance Abuse

Addiction doesn't discriminate, which is why Community Advocates' Milwaukee Women's Center provides addiction treatment services for a wide variety of indivduals. Our programming offers help for:

  • Pregnant women and mothers
  • Domestic violence survivors
  • Families working through addiction issues
  • Men with a history of domestic violence
  • Incarcerated women
  • English and Spanish speakers 

Our signature treatment programs are Positive Options for Women Entering Recovery (POWER) for mothers and pregnant women struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and the Family Intervention Program (FIP), which provides counseling in the client's home in Spanish and English. 

So many times, when people are struggling, addictions to drugs and/or alcohol are at the root of their problems. Addictions prevent them from fully living their lives and being the productive members of society they would like to be. Recognizing this, we address the addictions while we address the rest of their life issues.

All of the Milwaukee Women's Center's addiction treatment services provide holistic, individualized care for the client that encompasses the addiction and other issues impacting their lives. Our treatment experts have master's level training to diagnose substance abuse and mental illnesses, and use evidence-based practices to meet the needs of the individuals in their care. They have decades of experience in helping women, men, and families become healthy.

Otis Lockett Jr., Director of Clinical Services

To reduce barriers, our addiction treatment programs are offered free of charge, plus transportation and child care are covered. Those seeking treatment do not need to have insurance coverage. We can set up flexible schedules so that clients can be employed and achieve and maintain their sobriety. Through our bilingual English/Spanish Family Intervention Program, we also provide in-home treatment for families working through addiction issues. 

The Milwaukee Women's Center's addiction treatment programs accept referrals and individuals seeking help who contact us directly. We will provide an assessment so that the individual connects to the program that best addresses their needs. Because of space limitations, we sometimes have a waiting list for treatment, but will give priority to pregnant women. When appropriate, we can make referrals to residential treatment options. 

For more information about the Milwaukee Women's Center's Substance Addiction Treatment programs, call 414-270-4662 or email Otis Lockett at


See for Yourself

Shaunte had made her mother a promise on her death bed: that she would stop using drugs and become clean.  She struggled for years to keep her promise. With our help, she is now proudly living the life her mother wanted for her. 

Watch her tell her story here.

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