People Living With Mental Illness

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All too often, people experiencing mental health crises end up in the back of a squad car on the way to jail or a hospital emergency room. These outcomes can be both traumatic and costly, but there are other alternatives.

Since we know a high percentage of those who are homeless are also living with mental illness, Community Advocates dedicates behavioral health staff to working with this population exclusively.

Our Homeless Outreach Nursing program sends nurses to homeless shelters and other areas in order to do health assessments and connect individuals with the resources they need.  Those who qualify may be referred to the Autumn West Safe Haven.

Autumn West Safe Haven provides people who are homeless and living with mental illness with immediate shelter and then helps them to become healthy and independent.  As people stabilize and increase independent living skills, they are assisted in transitioning out of Safe Haven and into housing that features appropriate supports.

The Project Bridge program helps those experiencing both chronic homelessness and mental illness.  Case managers assist individuals in connecting with housing and community resources, maintaining health, and working to overcome challenges.

See for Yourself

Bob was homeless for many years.  His favorite sleeping spot was near the court house downtown, where a vent in the sidewalk provided some warmth. Watch this video to find out how he found a sleeping spot with four walls and a roof, and to see how being homeless affected him as a person.

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