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Access. Dignity. Respect.

Community Advocates started simply, in 1976, as a group of three mostly volunteer advocates working to help people and make the community better. 

These advocates offered services to those who were struggling just to get by, so they could work through government and/or charitable systems to get the help they needed in order to meet their basic needs, such as housing, utilities, and food on the table.

In the 40-plus years since then, the agency has expanded tremendously. Staff numbers, budgets, and programs have all grown by leaps and bounds. 

Beyond serving individuals and families directly, the agency now operates a Public Policy Institute, which works at the systemic level to eradicate the causes of poverty at their roots. 

Community Advocates CEO Andi Elliott

We now serve thousands of people every year, still helping them keep a roof over their heads, their lights and heat reliably on, and the needs of their children covered. And so much more.

Yet, one thing has not changed over the years.

The way we serve has remained the same throughout the decades – a common thread running through, a calling card that people have come to expect from Community Advocates.

When individuals and families come through our doors, they know that, no matter how down-and-out they are, they will be treated with respect. Because of this respect, they will have dignity.

We would not have it any other way.

See for Yourself

Want to meet our clients and staff, and hear their perspective on how Community Advocates serves? Watch this video.



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