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Community Advocates Milwaukee Wisconsin

Wines for Humanity, which has partnered with Community Advocates to raise funds through in-home wine tastings, believes that no family in America should become homeless through circumstances beyond its control.

For every bottle of wine selected at a Wines for Humanity tasting event, 12 to 17 percent goes straight to Community Advocates.


Hosting a Tasting

All that you need to host a tasting is the following:

  • room to accommodate a few friends (up to 16)
  • two hours of your time
  • a table for your Wine Advisor to set up the wines and wineglasses

That's it! 

(Of course, cheese and crackers are always a nice addition to complement the wine and cleanse your palate.)

Wines for Humanity states its goal is to make the wine tasting experience as pleasurable and stress-free as possible.

Hosting a tasting with Wines for Humanity is

Educational: Learn about wine while sharing interesting and useful information
Fun: An evening with friends and family filled with camaraderie and fellowship
Beneficial: Twelve to 17 percent per bottle is donated to Community Advocates and its work to end homelessness in Milwaukee

Since its founding in 2007, Wines for Humanity has helped raise over $425,000 for the prevention of homelessness!

If you are interested in hosting a tasting, or in buying a gift certificate for a tasting as a gift, please contact Wine Advisor Theresa Flegel, via this e-mail.

Visit Wines for Humanity’s website for further info.

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