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Community Advocates wants to ensure that our friends and neighbors can go to the doctor, be healthy, and have peace of mind. While we don't enroll individuals in insurance coverage, we can provide you with resources for your physical, mental, and dental health. 

Here's our 2017 Community Advocates Health Care Resource Guide

Spanish/Español version: Guía de Recursos Médicos.

A partner in our downtown offices is Covering Wisconsin, which provides free in-person help to enroll in health insurance and education on how to use your health insurance. You can call them at (414) 270-4677.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  I don't have health insurance. Is BadgerCare+ an option for me?

Q:  Are there specialized services for women's health?

Q:  Where can I apply for disability benefits?

Q:  My Disability Application was denied.  Who can help me file an appeal?

Q:  Where can I get low-cost dental care?

Q:  I need glasses, and I don’t have insurance.  Where can I get help?

Q:  I need to file a fair hearing.  Where can I get help with that?

Q:  I can’t afford my prescription cost.  Where can I get help?

Q:  I am in need of food. Where can I get help?


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