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Milwaukee Brighter Futures Year-End Reports

2011 Report

This report summarizes the activities of 27 programs that were funded through the Milwaukee Brighter Futures grant.  A major conclusion stressed the interconnectiveness of not only the 27 programs, but also of other community agencies.

2007 Report

During 2007, the community prevention coalition provided direct prevention activities involving 23,251 Milwaukee County residents with sustained prevention activities involving 11,795 children, youth and adults.

2008 Report

This evaluation report is an analysis of information provided by 25 participating agencies, covering 27 programs. In total, the services covered 155,750 persons, with 142,007 in three community information program which offer high volume information and referral, community outreach and/or community events, plus another 13,743 served on a sustained basis through programs requiring ongoing engagement.

2009 Report

Numbers from the Milwaukee Brighter Futures Annual Report for 2009, released July 26, 2010:

Total number served by MBFI projects: 14,910
Total number projects: 21
Total agencies receiving funds: 18
Funds distributed for direct service: $1,997,500
Additional funds leveraged: $7,616,032

2010 Report

In 2010, Milwaukee Brighter Futures opened the door to opportunity for 12,434 persons. Children, teens and adults were invited in to 27 Brighter Futures programs to get help with school work, learn how to avoid alcohol and drugs, find peaceful waysto resolve interpersonal conflicts, improve parenting skills, turn away from negative situations and move toward life-changing goals. A description of the accomplishments of each Brighter Futures program is included in the 2010 annual report.

Milwaukee Brighter Futures Youth Survey Reports

The Milwaukee Brighter Futures Youth Survey reports tell of findings about Milwaukee youth on several topic areas, including:

  • Safety and violence
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol and marijuana use
  • Sexual behavior
  • Healthy behaviors
  • Values
  • Attitudes

The reports are based upon surveys of hundreds of youth. They pay special attention to gender differences, violence, and high-risk sexual behavior.

2005 Youth Survey

2007 Youth Survey

2009 Youth Survey

Community Resources Guide for Milwaukee Parents

The 4th edition of this handy guide of community resources has been published by the Teen Parents Task Force and the Milwaukee Public Schools Homeless Education program. Click here to download a copy.


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