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Positive Options for Women Entering Recovery (POWER) is a Case Management program serving mothers and pregnant women who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. 

This program helps women to achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs, understand and recover from trauma, domestic violence, and mental health issues, and improve their social and economic well-being.

The POWER program does the following:

• Draws on the expertise of professionals from the fields of medicine, social services, child care, and substance addiction
• Centers around the client, so that each treatment plan is built to meet each woman’s individual needs and circumstances
• Addresses crisis issues first, then long-term goals
• Encourages each woman to set her own goals and build upon her strengths
• Ensures that a woman’s care continues across all areas of her life

For more information, call the Milwaukee Women’s Center at (414) 270-4629 and ask to speak to a POWER Case Manager.

Family Intervention Program

The Family Intervention Program’s goal is to remove significant barriers preventing Latino and African American individuals and families from seeking traditional counseling services.

This intensive, home-based, family-focused Case Management program provides supportive services to families struggling with the impact of substance addiction and domestic violence.

Services provided by the Family Intervention Program include the following:

• Intensive, home-based Case Management emphasizing a continuum of care
• Home-based alcohol and other drug addiction (AODA) counseling emphasizing relapse prevention
• A multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates parents, peers, school personnel, outpatient substance addiction and mental health providers, support groups, and advocacy services

For more information about the Family Intervention Program, please call
(414) 270-4658 or (414) 270-4663

About Milwaukee Women's Center

About Milwaukee Women's Center

The Milwaukee Women's Center (MWC) became a Division of Community Advocates in 2007. Since the merger, MWC's services to women, children, and men have grown and improved. Read more about the MWC's many programs within this section of the website.

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