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Homelessness remains a critical issue in our community. So often, families living in poverty may be only one paycheck away from being evicted from their apartments or homes.

Many low-income families also face increased barriers (limited support systems, mental health / addiction issues, domestic violence, limited education, a lack of job and/or basic living skills) to becoming self-sufficient.

For these reasons and more, it is critical that we provide a safety net like shelter and supportive services, so that we don't see additional men, women, and children living on the streets wondering where they are going to sleep and/or get their next meal.

The purpose of the Family Support Center is to provide support and resources for low-income families who are experiencing a housing crisis.

Services include emergency shelter, meals, personal hygiene items, clothing, and comprehensive Case Management (advocacy, information, and referrals) to help families transition from emergency shelter to housing back in the community.

Please call (414) 671-6140 to contact the Family Support Center.

About Milwaukee Women's Center

About Milwaukee Women's Center

The Milwaukee Women's Center (MWC) became a Division of Community Advocates in 2007. Since the merger, MWC's services to women, children, and men have grown and improved. Read more about the MWC's many programs within this section of the website.

MWC: Donate or Volunteer

For questions related to donations to the MWC or volunteering, contact Jeri Kavanaugh at (414) 270-2984.

Checks may be made out directly to "Milwaukee Women's Center." To donate online to the MWC, click here, and designate your gift to the MWC.