Case Management

Community Advocates Milwaukee Wisconsin

Our Second Stage program helps women and children transition from temporary emergency shelter to permanent housing. 

In addition, Second Stage provides assistance to women in the community who face barriers to accessing services. 

This program uses intensive, long-term Case Management to provide supportive services to women and children who suffer from domestic violence, substance addiction, and homelessness.

Second Stage Case Management services include the following:

• A comprehensive assessment to determine each client’s unique needs
• Development of an individualized Case Management Plan to meet the needs identified in the assessment
• Housing and Relocation
• Domestic Violence Support Groups
• Mental Health and Substance Addiction Treatment
• Accessing W-2 and Employment Income
• Education
• Legal Issues
• Child Welfare
• Advocacy, Information, & Referrals

For more information about Second Stage, please call (414) 671-6140.

About Milwaukee Women's Center

About Milwaukee Women's Center

The Milwaukee Women's Center (MWC) became a Division of Community Advocates in 2007. Since the merger, MWC's services to women, children, and men have grown and improved. Read more about the MWC's many programs within this section of the website.

MWC: Donate or Volunteer

For questions related to donations to the MWC or volunteering, contact Jeri Kavanaugh at (414) 270-2984.

Checks may be made out directly to "Milwaukee Women's Center." To donate online to the MWC, click here, and designate your gift to the MWC.