People Needing Positive Alternatives
to Incarceration

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Many people who end up involved with the justice system had problems long before they were arrested or given a citation. 

Often, they come from homes full of violence, abuse, or neglect.  Often, they struggle with substance addiction.  Usually, they have struggled with their education, which means they often have a hard time finding work.

The Justice 2000 Division of Community Advocates operates under the belief that we should work with people on these root problems, rather than simply incarcerating them.

See for Yourself

Altonia was on a collision course with life.  He was selling drugs, even though he knew it was not the right thing to do.  He was going against his conscience.

But he needed help to move on to the right path.  He found that help at Community Advocates. 

Watch him tell his story here.

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