About PPI

Community Advocates Milwaukee Wisconsin

Community Advocates established the Public Policy Institute to promote and implement evidence-based policies that will prevent and reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.

The Public Policy Institute is intensely engaged in strategizing, researching, organizing, communicating, and developing policy and legislation in order to persuade policy makers to create public policies that directly help impoverished people lead better lives.

True to its name, the heart of the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute’s work is advocacy.

Community Advocates' Public Policy Institute is uniquely situated in a human services agency that serves more than 75,000 clients annually. This allows the Public Policy Institute to interact with clients and the staff who provide advocacy and supportive services.

The Public Policy Institute also joins with individuals and organizations at the local, statewide, and national levels to develop and implement a practical strategy to reduce poverty throughout Wisconsin.

This approach includes constant monitoring and consideration of the policies and issues affecting health care, housing, criminal justice, job creation, education, and prevention initiatives to ensure both the safety and success of the low-income communities in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.