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The Community Advocates Public Policy Institute promotes and implements evidence-based policies that will prevent and reduce poverty while fostering wellness for individuals and families.

Health Affairs publishes PPI analysis exploring why Dane County health premiums are lowest in WI

Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed nonpartisan journal of health policy research, has published PPI’s research analysis of why Dane County’s exchange premiums are so much cheaper than the rest of Wisconsin.

PPI researchers Mike Bare and David Riemer, with assistance from Erik Bakken and John Mullahy of the University of Wisconsin hope to inform policy discussions that will focus on lowering costs while improving quality in the new Affordable Care act health insurance marketplaces.

This is the first of its kind research into why one exchange with a similar structure to another is more successful. Click here for more information and to read the full report.



Common Council Approves Resolution for Greatly Reducing Poverty

The Common Council of the City of Milwaukee recently approved a resolution that supports the enactment of the policy package, developed by the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute, for greatly reducing poverty.

On a 12-1 vote, the Council approved File # 131304, a "substitute resolution supporting enactment of a comprehensive federal legislative package to greatly reduce poverty, directing the Department of Administration - Intergovernmental Relations Division to actively seek enactment of this legislation, and directing the Intergovernmental Relations Division and other City agencies to support state legislation for the reduction of poverty in the state, and implement local initiatives that will strengthen support for such legislation."

View the video footage from the presentation by David Riemer, Conor Williams, and others here (Agenda item #27).

Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition launches "Just Like You" campaign

The goal of the ‘Just Like You' anti-marijuana campaign is to encourage parents to change their behavior by emphasizing that smoking marijuana in front of children is teaching that same behavior. The campaign goes a step further with a specific call to action, asking parents to pledge that they won't get high around their kids. The pledge is available on the campaign's official web page

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Endorses Expanding Transitional Jobs Program

In its September 27, 2012, editorial, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed expanding Wisconsin's Transitional Jobs Program: "The transitional jobs program has been successful in Wisconsin on a small scale by providing work to those who have the hardest time finding employment. But to have a real impact on the many who have been unemployed for long periods of time and help address the state's high unemployment and poverty rates, the program should be expanded."


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