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The Community Advocates Public Policy Institute promotes and implements evidence-based policies that will prevent and reduce poverty while fostering wellness for individuals and families.

PPI releases "Working Our Way Out of Poverty" report at March 25 briefing

On March 25, 2015, the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute released our “Working Our Way Out of Poverty” report at a special briefing. The report proposes a package of policies that an Urban Institute analysis has determined would cut poverty by 50 percent or more in the United States. The report makes the case for adopting the policy package – to stimulate growth, and to ensure work opportunities and economic security for all. The policy changes work together to make jobs available, make work pay, reduce obstacles to work, and help seniors and adults with disabilities. Click here to read the report summary, click here for the Urban Institute page for the full report, and click here for a pdf of the full report.



PPI joins advocates in challenging Gov. Walker's proposal to require drug testing of benefits recipients

February 3, 2015,15 organizations have joined to express concern over Governor Walker’s proposal to require applicants for and recipients of public assistance and unemployment insurance to pass drug tests. The letter (click here to view) was sent to Governor Walker and members of the Legislature in advance of the Governor’s budget address, signed by non-partisan advocates for low-income Wisconsinites, members of Wisconsin’s faith community, advocates for Wisconsin women, representatives of organized labor, and national organizations. The letter poses numerous questions about the Governor’s proposal to require public assistance and unemployment insurance applicants and recipients to pass drug tests. David Riemer, Senior Fellow at the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute, explains that the letter's questions concern "the constitutionality of the plan, its costs, the many new processes that will have to be implemented, and evidence about whether the plan would improve public health and is cost effective.” View the press release here.


Children's Defense Fund's Ending Child Poverty Now report builds on CA-PPI policy package

On January 27, 2015, the Children’s Defense Fund released a groundbreaking report, End Child Poverty Now, using analysis by the Urban Institute which is highly informed by the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute’s policy package created by our Pathways to Ending Poverty Project.  For the first time, the report details how to end 60 percent of child poverty in America right now. By investing an additional 2 percent of the federal budget to expand existing programs and policies that increase employment, make work pay, and ensure children’s basic needs are met, 97 percent of poor children would benefit and 60 percent of them could escape poverty immediately. Click here to read the report.



Health Affairs publishes PPI analysis exploring why Dane County health premiums are lowest in WI

Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed nonpartisan journal of health policy research, has published PPI’s research analysis of why Dane County’s exchange premiums are so much cheaper than the rest of Wisconsin.

PPI researchers Mike Bare and David Riemer, with assistance from Erik Bakken and John Mullahy of the University of Wisconsin hope to inform policy discussions that will focus on lowering costs while improving quality in the new Affordable Care act health insurance marketplaces.

This is the first of its kind research into why one exchange with a similar structure to another is more successful. Click here for more information and to read the full report.


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