Helping Families Escape Domestic Violence

Community Advocates Milwaukee Wisconsin

When families begin to fall apart because of violence at home, something needs to change drastically

Often, parents involved need counseling.  Usually, children will need specialized help to process what they have seen.  Mothers and children often need a safe place to live

Community Advocates’ Milwaukee Women’s Center offers all these things to families.

Even more, a program called Nevermore offers counseling and training for men who resort to violence to meet their needs, helping them find healthy ways to express their anger and resolve conflict.

The Milwaukee Women’s Center serves the whole family, aiming to end the cycle of violence and keep it from passing generation to generation.

Most importantly, the Milwaukee Women’s Center saves lives. Click here to get help now.

See for Yourself

Want to meet some of the Milwaukee Women's Center's clients and see how their lives have been saved? 

Watch this video to hear their stories and see how much better their lives have become now.

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Who Do We Serve?

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