Major Initiatives

Community Advocates Milwaukee Wisconsin

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Network

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Network develops strategies to prevent teen pregnancies and to provide resources for teens. The group meets at noon every second Thursday at Silver Spring Neighborhood Center.


Develop, disseminate, implement and evaluate new ways of supporting youth in leadership activities which result in the following:

• Families, neighborhoods and communities recognizing youth as assets
• The voice of youth leading the community in development and positive results


People and organizations who show a passion for the prevention of teen pregnancy in Milwaukee and believe that youth and families are providing the leadership which will make the difference if neighborhoods and communities support their effort.

The Milwaukee Child Abuse Prevention Services Coalition (MCAPS)

The coalition is composed of organizations and individuals that envision families in which each and every child is safe, nurtured, and cared for so as to be able to achieve optimal development.

MCAPS' mission is to develop and enhance family strengths so as to permit families to reach their full potential -- to assure the optimal development of children and effectively deal with any concerns that affect their lives, and to mobilize and organize community resources so as to build on family strengths.

Our Activities

The MCAPS basic strategies involve PREVENTION activities. Participating organizations seek to collaborate to provide a network of available services to Milwaukee County families, offering a continuum of care.


- Parent education and support
- Family resource centers
- Information and referral
- Public education
- Collaboration with other agencies and governmental authorities


1) The Public Policy Committee, which meets at 2:30 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month, usually at United Way of Greater Milwaukee, 225 W. Vine St.
2) The Family Resource Connection meets every other month at various times.  Please check our "Events" page for notice of the site, date and time of the next meeting.

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